Cheese making sounds daunting, like something to be left alone to the centuries’ old artisans. But it’s such a cinch! And there’s many varieties and techniques if you want to give it a whirl. My first attempt was not so much a big hit, tho. The texture was perfect but I’m giving it a big yawn on flavor. I made two varieties: low fat and full fat. The former turned out like parmesan in consistency and the latter was very feta-ish. Using the best ingredients I could find, this cheese was rather expensive to make when you factor in the cost of organic milk and yogurt. I should’ve added salt, too. So, for me, the very reason I’m not a fan of mozzarella… flavorless… is why I’m not a fan of my first go-round in cheesemongering. Here’s a photo of the cheese. scroll down to see the fabulous way I used it!

Not having the energy to cook tonight, luckily I had some leftover pizza dough from the weekend. I discovered that when left in the fridge for a couple days it develops air pockets to create a big, bubbly crust that is crisp on the outside and chewy and light on the inside. This pizza was so light that after a couple pieces I was still hungry! With such puffy  end-crust pieces I served it with a side of herb olive oil for yummy dipping. Thankfully, the fresh garden tomatoes and the basil carried the bulwark of flavor for the unassuming cheese. When i *do* succeed next time I will post the recipe!


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  1. Hi Staci, I think a lot of the flavor in cheeses is from aging them, so fresh homemade cheese would typically be lacking in flavor. That nice tang some cheeses have comes from bacteria and such I think…I made homemade cheese a long time ago and was also disappointed in the flavor. There must be some way to make flavorful cheese at home though. Hmm?
    The pizza looks stellar by the way!

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