What will eventually be posted here are recipes of a category that I am unable to conveniently find on the web— recipes in keeping with genetic hypertension. This is an ailment unlike say, hypertension due to poor diet and obesity wherein you diet and lose weight and are cured. An example of W’s (my hubby) genetic hypertension goes like this: Run everyday. Eat whole grains and veg and lean, sustainable meat, oats and bananas daily. Rarely eat out. Never eat fast food. Age 33. Built like an Adonis. BP still reads 150/92. If he dare eat say, store bought bread, drink milk (lots of salt in milk.) etc., those numbers spike. This means I cannot follow 99 percent of the recipes I find, unless I tweak and twist and substitute. Have any idea how difficult it is to make flavorful food without salt, cream, broths, and store bought condiments? Hopefully the hypertensionites will find my blog and find it useful.


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